GGEZ1: ReFi blockchain ecosystem to empower web3 economy in ME & AF

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We are launching the first Regenerative Finance (ReFi) blockchain ecosystem for the Middle East and Africa; a web3 platform specializing in tokenizing Real-World Assets (RWA) to simplify investment and fundraising; Integrating Regenerative Finance (ReFi) principles to promote a sustainable and equitable Web3 economic future.

The platform offers three functions:

  • Powers asset-backed cryptocurrency collateralized by income-generating investments in sustainability (ReFi).
  • Tokenization launchpad for asset owners to fundraise by creating their own asset-backed cryptocurrency.
  • Web3 distribution framework to ensure cryptocurrency created on the platform are available on various web3 channels.

A cryptocurrency backed by Real-world assets, offers users security, price stability, and protection against inflation. This builds trust and leads to increased crypto adoption in regions where the belief in physical assets as the ultimate investments prevail.

We plan to start the project fundraising during Q2 2024; for this round seed round, we will offer 88,888,888 GGEZ1 governance coins (5% of the total coin supply) at a sale price of $0.027.

As a very early investor, you will receive a discounted coin price of $0.027.

Become an early GGEZ1 investor, and register your interest for the GGEZ1 seed round.

Register your Interest for the GGEZ1 Seed Round

Detailed information about the project:

Pitch Deck:

Founders Video: (1 min)

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